Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy..........

Here at Shore Chic, our Beach theme Wedding Season is almost upon us! We have been getting tons of calls, emails and orders and I would like to Thank you again for all of your compliments, we are as excited about our new business as you are! This has been a fabulous first year for us and things will only get better as we are in the process of adding a shopping cart to our website for all of you night owls, while adding hundreds of New products in the process as well. Here is a tiny sampling of some of the beautiful, brand new items we are adding to our Favor line... So many beautiful new things, I can't wait for you all to see them! Within the next month or so our new website should be up and running. We are working day and night to bring you the best selection of beautiful beach theme products available. I'll keep you posted on our progress...In the meantime...Happy Planning!! Maureen

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wedding Wish Trees

Here is a fabulous idea to replace the standard guest book. One of the latest wedding trends is a "Wedding Wish Tree". It can be as elaborate as you like yet very simple to do.

Start by doing a search for branches and you will find many types, sizes and finishes available, depending on the look you are going for and how tall you would like it to be. I like the sandblasted Manzanita branches, they almost look like driftwood and are perfect for a Beach Themed Wedding. Prices vary, but be aware the shipping can be a little costly depending on the size you choose. The majority of websites with these branches are in California. With that considered, it is still worth the extra money, as the effect is just lovely. The rest of your costs to make a tree should be minimal, as you only need a pot or container to "plant" it in and cards for your guests to write their wishes on.

To make the tree, try fitting the branch or branches into a foam block first and then placing it snuggly in your container. Now fill it with rocks, seaglass or seashells,etc... If your branches are tall, and you want it more secure, purchase plaster of paris and following the directions, fill your container, let it dry and then cover with moss, rocks, shells etc..
You can also swag crystal or beaded garlands across the branches or attach silk flowers sparsly or birds, butterflies, etc..depending on your theme.

Tags can easily be made by any DIY bride. Print on cardstock or buy ready made tags and stamp them with a pretty florish, monogram, or seashell image, etc...then holepunch each tag and attach ribbon in different lengths, and perhaps a charm or crystal bead to each tag. Leave them on the table with a few markers or pens for your guests to leave their wishes. When they are finished, they can tie them onto a branch. You can start with a few already hanging so they will get the idea. Perhaps frame a quote to set nearby saying something like "Please leave your wishes for the New Mr. & Mrs."

After your wedding, arrange your wish tags in a scrapbook, add photos of your guests next to their wishes and you will have a perfect remembrance of your beautiful day.